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In the famous words of LMFAO: I work out

I fell off of a ladder last week... not because I lost my balance...

Wait - - - let me rewind one.

A good friend and I were having a discussion in which she asked me, "Why do you workout?". Seemingly not that intriguing at first, until a) you start to form your answers b) listen to other people's reasons. This is something that she and her husband have really put a lot of thought into, and I have great respect for what she shared with me next:

"So my child can see me do something difficult (and succeed)."

That was so profound to me. If the kiddos only see you enlisted in recreational activities after work, do they think that's all life is?

It goes hand in hand with the next one:

The concepts of family protection similarly with fitness for life which are a big deal to me, as myself and my family have always taught the arts of self-defense/ self-protection hand in hand with overall fitness. Teaching several forms of Martial Arts, as well as an aerobic kickboxing program, we always have had weight equipment and encouraged cross-training. I literally grew up in a gym.

Some people are born into this atmosphere and...'gym-life', and often don't even think of why. Gym people: "WE JUST DO". Others have to be taught or nudged to figure out their why.

So why do YOU need muscles and agility and strength...?

Zombie Apocalypse.

It may seem like this should be lower on the list but... inevitable, obviously. <She grins. No seriously keep reading...> It's really just an umbrella-term for the potential general breakdown of civilization: aka riots, traveling in foreign areas with different dangers than presented at home aka: Zombie Apocalypse.

If you're some zombie disbeliever, that's why we're not friends - but some other answers might be: - So you can be active with your children and teach them the same - Longevity / time with your family and friends - Your mental health is directly a result of your exercise regimen - To survive falling off of a ladder with no broken body parts!

Yeah. So I was visiting my family and we had some hefty plastic tubs to pull down out of the rafters in a standard garage. They were probably 40 or 50 lbs each. The ladder was.... elderly.... and an extension ladder instead of an A Frame, with rusty metal feet ... ON concrete. I have been up MANY ladders. Many. I tested it, adjusted it, felt comfortable with its positioning, shimmied up there.

Noteably, one could say I was brimming with confidence weighing in at 117 lbs soaking wet, I wasn't one to have issues with gravity winning in my daily life.

I was kind of sorting and looking in the tubs, my sister and my Dad & I chatting about which needed to come down. I grabbed right ahold of the handle and pulled it forcefully toward me, to the edge of the rafter edge. The ladder promptly disappeared.

Immediately my left then right arms went for a grasp on a rafter. I actually caught one ~barely~ with my left finger tips - delaying my fall slightly. I felt weirdly calm as I thought "I've had this 'falling dream', before". I found myself looking forward at the wall in front of me so I could judge the rate of descent, and I actually did a 'break-fall' just before I thought I was going to hit. If you don't know what that is, you need to get yourself into a martial arts class post-haste! (Stick with me, everything's okay...)

... As I was falling, I was able to determine when to extend my arms forcefully to 'break my fall'. Basically, you do this by striking your arms down at a 45 degree angle from your shoulder to impact the falling surface - hopefully preventing injury in class when practicing hundreds of throws & falls.

I landed with my sister's hands around my left arm with a bench in-between us. We were both surprised that she teleported over to me in the length of time it took to fall horizontally roughly 8 feet. She's the real super-hero here, and probably did that human-seatbelt-unimaginable-strength-because-LOVE thing on me. Thank you for loving me so hard that we defied all probability and laws of earth together.

I ended up with a couple real neat bruises on my forearms... right in the same spot as the other- coincidentally the parts of our arms we spent years and years conditioning with blocking drills. My left ribcage came down secondarily onto the bench, so if my quick-reacting, so-strong sis hadn't have had that arm... I'm sure I would have gotten bruised more on my ribs - and someone without training would have definitely broken their ribs. was exciting. I was sore, but no injuries. I landed with both of my feet on the floor, and my butt 'last'.

THIS is why we workout. This is why we train. This is why we build healthy habits.

Okay - get ready to put the clutch in HARD. Why does this have to do with skincare?!

Well everything. Why are we trying to be 'youthful'. We're not just trying to 'look' youthful. We want to take care of our bodies for that longevity factor, for that survivability factor.

Skincare is just an extension of all of that. It's not beautifying for the sake of 'looking beautiful' just like we don't lift weights so we can stare at ourselves in the mirror - IT IS CARE.

Caring for your body and all of its parts to we can suck that marrow out of life.

Get your FLUX on. Get your life on.

FLUX-loves, cowfolk.


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