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of flux

FLUX really is the ultimate in skincare badassery.


Your education starts here:


Badassery [ˈbadˌasərē ]:


informal /: behavior, characteristics, or actions regarded as formidably impressive:

"few of us can attain her level of badassery"

For the case of this skincare line, means that this stuff is pretty bad-ass. Like, “DAMN, that skincare line's got swagger.” We have tried A LOT of lotions, creams and jellies, and these are the creme de la crème people.

We like our logo strong... like we like our skincare. 


FLUX [fləks]:

1. radiant energy emitted, reflected, transmitted or received

2. continuous change: “the political system is in a constant state of flux”

The 'energy' --- as  it pertains:

Pure active ingredients that your skin can easily utilize for noticeable effects. We

stuff as many vitamins, hydrators, plumpers and butters in to each product as nature will allow. The aromatherapy is designed to lift you up, keep your zen.


The flux:

The radiant energy part, I like to envision the happy little FLUX molecules bouncing around and transmitting that vitality deep down in your skin.

Energy exchanging between the nourishing particles applied, received and reflected in the power of your body.

It reminds me that change is good. Stay flexible. When life is good ~ don't buck the system. Relax, go with the flow. And honestly... in the same way a little kid can fall down and not have a scratch on him - because they have no muscles...and because God loves babies... when life is hard, there's a certain level of relaxation that has to occur in order to stay afloat. It seems easier as we age to get yer' peace on. It takes practice to keep it.

Save your spiritual muscle for the real fights.

Disclaimer and whatnot...

Our products do not contain sun-protection or sunscreen.

Please take care of your lovely mug by using sun protection – even if it's by way of a decent-sized sombrero, but if you are IN the sun, facial sunscreen is the way to go. FLUX are products for after-sun, under hat, or for the sleep-rejuvenation (you must try the Night Cream).


FLUX really hopes that you know that any essential-oil-aromatherapy, and or skin absorption benefits which were researched on 'the internet' (so it must be true) are not promises that you will experience a healing or curing affect from our products or any 'oils' in any way shape or form. BUT. Hey the power of the mind is a mystical, misunderstood thing... and so are the powers of botanical herbs and extracts so..... why not believe. I feel a song coming on. Thank you Cher and dude in the pizza shop who was belting it out on our trip through Virginia. (I had the salad)


Pregnant people. You can't do anything fun except EAT for the next how-ever-many months; get at it. Practically every essential oil except for Lavender, has a warning against pregnant women using it. I had someone question me, asking, “Well if it's not safe for pregnant women, why is you lotion 'safe' for me?” The pregnancy warning is for the essential-oils themselves, not my lotions. For my research-buck, if you're not creating a tiny human, essential oils are quite beneficial to many of your senses, bodyparts and your overall swagger. Blam.


Please keep your lid on! You don't want anything nasty making its way into your products. Please wash your hands before applying. Please keep your product out of the sun. The black jars are to keep light out & keep your product healthy. Please slather yourself in FLUX whenever possible because we want your skin to be healthy and less wrinkly!


FLUX is Leaping Bunny Certified, cruelty-free, vegan, free of dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, sls, is made in the U.S.A. (Have questions on what else we're 'free' of? Write me so I can add it, or just go and read the ingredients in the shop!)

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