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So - the swagger comes from a space of loving to be active whether it be trail-skating... on quads of course... stahp...
or expressing one of the many forms of Martial Arts which are my passion.

Grab life with all you've got.

No. We don't use brass knuckles in any of those 'arts' as my logo suggests. It's just an umbrella image to exude and conjure a toughness. Our products are tough on wrinkles and put the smack-down on skin-damage! 

I'm Melanie. In addition to spending some time in Roller Derby, I am a 4th degree black belt in Koden Kan Combined Martial Arts, and martial arts instructor. Being only 5'6” I'm a compact-size human with a great sense of who I am and what I am capable of.

I enjoy challenge. And I do enjoy smashing my body into people; sometimes in a technically accurate kind of way (martial arts), and sometimes in a sailing wrecking ball kind of way (roller derby). Depends on the day.

So. How was FLUX - - - - manifested into this plane of existence? The short answer is supply and demand. I had a demand for a supply of amazing skincare products which were free of dyes, allergens and nastiness and had zero desire to pay 'boutique' prices. I started researching and ~ being the daughter of some entrepreneurial types, worked toward obtaining resources to make... all of  'that' happen.


I am SO excited to offer this to you.


This is one of those things that once you try it you love it... and you keep loving it. My sister and I, pictured in kissie-face photo, love you sis, get panicky when we start running low on --- really ANY of our FLUX products. We seriously make it a point of conversation, even though we both have instant access to the products - it's human nature to start rationing..."Well I only have like tiny smear left"...



run out.... *gulp *panic.....

We just look forward to drenching our little cells in it every day <and night>, and the rare times we have run out .... It's kind of like the end of the world. Reminder: order ahead when you get low!

Man. I can't get enough of the serums. When you first get yours you'll probably just use it at 'certain times'... but within a few days you're like, "Well there's no way I'm going WITHOUT serum... that would be dumb". I'm kind of sad that I can only use it twice a day. (I'm not sure one can absorb more than that!)


Then our Olive cream is this must-have super-hydrating, life-quenching phenom day-cream that is just the right weight and a velvety consistency, with SERIOUS moisturizing powers.

The Night Cream is my constant go-to, can't live without it, extreme hydrator. It's a little less-thick than the Olive. Every single morning I am amazed after sleeping in it, how incredibly baby soft my skin is. This is definitely one of our biggest selling  products. We like to make sure we really work it into our lips, whole face and throat. Facial skin of all types find this delectable. 


Our heavenly Body Butter, a total essential for me. The ingredients list on this one just blows my mind. 

Our two cleansers are stand-alone products. Our sulfate-free clear Facial Cleanser is the best thing that I've ever tried for getting makeup off. It just WORKS. And it is so mild that it doesn't strip your skin and has very little eye irritation. Super helpful. 

Speaking of helpful, another flagship of FLUX is our ACNE Kung-Fu Activated Charcoal Cleanser. It does double duty by pulling dirt from the deeper layers of your skin, WHILE depositing super densely nutritious compounds into your skin. Dude it's borderline magical. I have had SO many reports of diminished breakouts and people just being in love with this stuff for helping with those annoying monthly skin-bumps around the chin? Yeah.... 


Each product has been hand-chosen by me. Actually 'face-chosen'... and body-chosen, if you want to get technical, and I've used them all for about 12 years. I'm actually 57, don't I look great? Pah. No, but I am 43, and I know for a fact that when I am in FLUX, I am quicker to smile, and my face just feels incredibly soft and dewy even to the end of the day. Before, my makeup would settle and definitely feel dried out half-way through. With my daily FLUX routine my skin feels supple to the bitter end. And I look younger now than before I started FLUX-ing! Of course – this is just 'my' experience... I would LOVE to hear about yours. Please write in with testimonials! Help me out man.

Here I'll help you with some quick Q & A.

Q: Hey Mel! (That's me) Are you just mixing this stuff up in bowls? I didn't know you were like... a scientist with a side degree in botany.

A: Um no. I have contracted this amazing lab which is chock-full of scientists and formulators who create these incredible healing salves serums soaps and creams for me. They work hard to give us the primo-kind sh*t.


I mix the scenting in a sterile environment locally, using nitrile gloves (no latex) in our quest to be a 'known-allergen-free' company. You'll notice there are no wheat  ingredients (popular in hair-care); see the rest of my info & disclaimers to see what other nonsense we DON'T have in our products.


Q: So just how 'natural' are your products?

A: In the past I was extremely focused on getting the absolute highest organic content available, hoping that the percentage: “96% organic content” would 'sell' the product to the organic-label-hounds; those sniffing out the word, not really interested in reading and understanding the whole label. The problem with 'organic hound-ing' is that not everything that is pesticide-free or free of contaminants, chemicals etc. would be labeled organic. There is a very specific set of criteria and history if you will, involving each ingredient in full-organic products. The ones that say, “So natural you can eat it....” Well, that's lovely, but I'd rather have something with just the minimum amount of preservation so that it has a shelf-life longer than a week. I'm not about rubbing mashed bananas on my face; I don't need to be able to eat my lotion.


FLUX is a small-batch company and you are getting 'fresh' product that is as high in natural & organic content as we can manage. We will continue to stay true to our mission of doing so - and once you try our products, the spreadability and honest-to-goodness immediate results speak volumes. You don't have to wait a week to look & feel like you have a brand new face!


Our broad spectrum preservation system works hard to keep harmful bacteria and microorganisms, which can contaminate your skincare products, OUT.


This 'minimal preservation system' is a very low concentration of Phenoxyethanol and Tetrasodium EDTA.


Tetrasodium EDTA is derived from sodium salts. Phenoxyethanol a naturally derived ether alcohol - an alternative to parabens. Together, these are so effective just a tiny bit is needed to keep your skin safe.

FLUX's natural ingredients list also helps the fur-babies:  when your pets decide to taste-sample your leg or arm (which THEY WILL) you can rest easy in the fact that they are not ingesting harmful chemicals from your skin. 


Q: So then... why are your products 'special'?

A: I have found these products to be superior to anything I can get just going out locally and 'shopping around'. You'd actually be hard pressed to find this quality at fancy schmancy department stores. These lotions & creams etc are comparable to high-end all-natural brands (the kind you can eat <weirdos: whoever came up with that for a marketing ploy>). I'm happy to bring them to you at a lower cost with more diversity... and of course... the ever present crazy awesomness that is FLUX, over 'those other guys'.


I custom-scent the products with aromatherapy in mind. Our scents are rockin'. The clarity and crisp nature of Rosemary which is also known as a mental-energy booster. Carrot Seed oil is just killer for your skin – it's said to nourish, tighten and rejuvenate. Aromatheraputically... (a word, no?) it is touted as a brilliant stress buster; while having a earthy fragrance which I dig. Cardamom and Nutmeg which can bring enhanced concentration (both are considered aphrodisiacs) and give a sense of upliftment. (Shut-up... that's a 'compound' word). I ADORE our Bulgarian Lavender because we need some yin to our yang. It lightens, lends earthiness and brings balance. Our essential oil mixtures aim to create a clean, neutral scent that won't clash with other products. Great for women and men. Very FLUX.


I also pay close attention to the physical properties of the oils. While we don't really need to know that Carrot Seed oil is said to stimulate the lymph system (yes please) or that it is an efficient enhancer of the respiratory and digestive functions, they are fun facts. The whole 'tightening and rejuvenating the skin' part is what we're really after.


I use whole pure essential oils in my facial products. I also carry some natural & vegan fragrances for those who choose. Some people don't care for the herbaceous nature of the essential oils, so I do offer some cologne types and fruits upon request during checkout. 

All of our products are meant to be unisex. Just tell me in the notes of your order 'masculine scent please' or 'herbal' or 'fruity' or 'flowery'... or something like that. 


I am open to serious comments & suggestions!

Melanie Leilani

One born every minute...ferociously awesome  little girls, that is. 

Creator of FLUX


Joe here has a fullon PhD in that swagger and a BJJ World-Champion.

Melanie's one and only

Sugar n Spite

Martial Artist, derbygirl and big-lil' sister


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