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I love all of our customers and potentials ever-so-much! 

Thank you all so much for showing FLUX the love. We have a symbiotic relationship. I help make your skin the best it can be, and you tell all of your friends! FLUX friends are the best kind <3 


I love the grapefruit sprits and the Vita C serum. they both have done wonders for my oily skin.


I have been battling for years with complicated dry but oily skin and i have finally found something that actually combats those issues. I feel hydrated but not overly oily. And it has reduced my wrinkles as well.


Thank you Mel for turning me onto your product!!

Geneva - MN

Audra - OK

She’s got several products to fit everyone’s needs, but I personally have experienced less oiliness, healing from some major acne scarring that happened around my wedding, and it all just feels amazing and refreshing.


She has anti-aging products as well, but I use the acne kung-fu cleanser, charcoal masque, grapefruit toner, rose serum, and either the olive day cream or night cream on a daily basis.

And I love that it doesn’t strip my skin like a lot of products I’ve tried in the past. My skin feels the most balanced it ever has. I still get the occasional pimple, but the healing process seems to go much better with Flux.

Stephanie - CA

Flux is a safe, non toxic and effective line of products that my entire family loves. We have struggled with eczema, Keratosis Pelaris and excessive dry skin for a long time.


We have used a multitude of products that have all failed until Flux. Flux has been effective in ridding all of our skin problems. I highly recommend FLUX! I cannot praise it enough! Thank you, Melanie!

Stefanie - ID

I’ve been using Flux for years. Every single day. Recently I got my order as I was on the way out of town so I just tossed it unopened into my car. We spent the weekend swimming, hot tubbing, etc. and when I woke up the 2nd morning my face felt awful! My skin was parched and traumatized from all the chlorine and icky stuff I was subjecting it to. I needed olive cream. Stat.


Imagine my despair when I did not find it in my overnight bag! I was starting to panic! My face was so thirsty Then I remembered I had a whole new set of Flux products still in my car.


Day saved!! I slathered it on and enjoyed the rest of the trip with a happy moisturized face. 
I slathered it on the boyfriends face too and now he’s always trying to steal mine... 
Try it once and you’ll be hooked, I promise!

Christen - CA

I love this stuff! Clean, soft, clear skin who doesn’t want that!

I love this stuff! Clean, soft, clear skin who doesn’t want that!

Claudia - OK

I have loved every product I have tried! My favorites are the olive cream and scrub. But, I may have a new favorite in the new charcoal cleanser!!!! It’s been so amazing at keeping that pesky, deep, stubborn acne from even surfacing!


Seriously, it’s so crazy how such a small amount can be so powerful. And of course, you must get one of the seasonal pumpkin scents: body butter or soap or both! They smell amazing!

Tania - OK

I love all of what I've tried so far! My face has less breakouts and I've tried alot of stuff! The Everything Wash has been amazing for my scalp as well as my body! Bonus I'm not rubbing a bunch of chemicals on my skin to be absorbed into my body!


For what you get the price is awesome, it last a long time! Natural is the best!

Abbie - OK

I have just recently started using the Flux clear facial cleanser and the night cream. I started off slow because my skin is sensitive and trying new product on my face always scares me.


Oh my goodness, I immediately fell in love with the way my skin felt. For years, I have had a dry spot, that constantly peels, on the left side of my nose. It drives me crazy!! Since I have been using the above products I have noticed it isn’t dry anymore. I am shocked because the number of things I have tried to fix this problem is ridiculous.


Thank you Melanie for these fabulous product! Flux products will not disappoint.

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