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Well... March is my favorite TWO TIMES!

Maybe because this beautiful soul and I just celebrated the second year of our union since this photo.... and even though age tends to swirl them with a drop of dread, who doesn't love birthdays!?

In March the weather is doing that thing usually, where it's deciding to be naughty or nice. One also has the privilege to look upon springy plants and most importantly FLOWERS!

I often downplay my desire to have fresh flowers around me, and actually hardly ever buy cut flowers just as a rule of thumb; frivolity is less than attractive in today's climate. However...... however. I did buy myself some crisp, clean, delicate white tulips for my early gift. Even though they are just 'white' - they are bringing me an extremely tangible level of joy. There is a pride in seeing them arranged just so, on my new stripy linen tablecloth - and I'm not even like that!

The whole situation looks like the cover of a magazine and that pleases some innate girl-card-having-vagina-wielding, nurturing thing deep in my recesses. I think many females wear that much more toward the front of their personality. And apart from the fact that there is a giant blemish on the wall behind my masterpiece where some people ripped out a tv mount left by the previous owners; the scene gives me a peace. #infantsteps (I don't deserve to be at baby steps yet considering the hole has been there 3 months and I've taken zero steps to mend it.)

Well... if there is one thing we are great at love, it's showing each other our enormous love...and laughter.

Essentially my aim is to keep finding new ways each day to fulfill the ocd-woman within. I actually have zero of these traits and am highly disorganized on a regular basis; so this is my tiny goal: to wear my vagina-wielder tag a little more to the front and make my world a ~slightly~ more beautiful space for me and those who dwell with me.

I can hear my Mom in my head flitting around the house as she dances her hands in the air, "Happy Easter, Happy Spring! Happy, happy EVERYTHING!"

Which is kind of interesting since the holiday still only comes that one time per year.... I guess if that's one of my Mom take-aways though, it's a very very happy one. And it makes me want to buy flowers <3.

Spread the love,

Love you Mom. Love you husband. Love you family.

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