Fall in to Tea Time

October 18, 2017


Ahhhh... the cleansing. 


The cleansing of nature. 


The cleansing of one's heart. 


The cleansing of your eew-gross-toxic-body! 


I have said this phrase MANY many many times in my life, "I'm on a cleanse" in retort usually to someone asking me if I want some of what they're eating. So often it's not even in my wheelhouse of things that I put in my body. 


Partially because SOMETIMES ... SOME people eat gross junk - but most of the time because I have these horrendous food-intolerances. Certain foods make me sick in certain ways, but I don't call them allergies since I don't have to go to the doctor... I just have to 'not eat that' - or else it will absolutely happen again. 


The lady down at my local healthfood store who is also an acupuncturist and overall health advocate and searcher-for, mentioned to me that she had gone from TWO to FORTY THREE allergy items that she suffered from -basically overnight. (...overnight in the grand scheme of life....) It was her liver. 


I have been 'off' of several foods for several years: gluten, nuts, nightshades, dairy, refined sugar.... yeah.... And this lady's story really spoke to me because these 'intolerances' didn't happen all at once. I couldn't eat walnuts or pinenuts, but I could still eat cashews and almonds... until I couldn't. My tongue and mouth swell up and are painful. I used to eat tomatoes happily, until I finally learned why I was getting this oral reaction from a family of plants called nightshades which include tomato potato, eggplant, peppers..... ugh. 


And now I am thinking 'LIVER'. 


So I am on a liver cleanse! No alchoholic beverages, Mamaki Tea that I brought back from Hawaii, liver-friendly plant-based foods and I am feeling GREAT after the first few days which sucked and I felt like I may be getting sick. But that is a phase of most cleanses --- if you have a reason to cleanse. 


If you need to 'CLEANSE' make sure you follow a program because you can overdo it and hurt the organ you're trying to fix! 


Here's the tea the Healthfood store lady told me about that fixed up her liver: http://www.herbalhealer.com/essiac.html


Essiac Tea. I'm gonna try that when I run out of Mamaki! 


Cheers to your health! (with my teacup!)

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October 18, 2017

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