A very special type of product for the one-&-dunner's out there! 


If you think you just need one power-product: here you go: 

I took our highly nutritive Vita C Serum and added our Matrixyl 3000 anti-wrinkle compound. 


I know. I'm a genius. You can say it. 


What's a vitamin C serum? ...
It's hydrating.
It's brightening.
It helps reduce redness and even out your skin tone.
It helps fade hyperpigmentation.
It reduces the appearance of under-eye circles.
It promotes collagen production.


You are getting a whole bottle of winning. 


The Serum itself has all of those beautiful healing and balancing properties: 
Vitamin C & Vitamin C ester
Rosehip oil
Organic Neem oil
Vitamin E
Organic Cranberry
Red Raspberry and Blueberry extracts


... then we added beauty-award-winning wrinkle-smoothing Matrixyl 3000.


We just love it. We think you will too! 


Customers can't stop being astonished that their fine lines are hardly visible! 


Use any of our serums after cleansing, exfoliating & toning. 


*Our other products with Matrixyl = The Essence Dry Oil Facial Serum

Wrinkle Kung-FU Serum

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