Whether you're sporting a Chuck Norris, Duck Dynasty, or a full on Dumbledor this beard oil will make your face-fur luscious.... as well as that mug underneath!   


If donning a power suit or a flannel along with that chin-wig, it's important to keep your skin underneath conditioned and healthy while taming the wiry whiskers.


We get that you are a manly man... and as such you understand the benefit of being well-groomed. Masculine scents of Ginger, Coriander, and Frankincense are invigorating and grounding; Moringa oil, Marula Oil and Hemp Seed Oil are soothing and nourishing, while rejuvenating!


FLUX Whisker Juice is specially formulated for beard-hair leaving it 
controlled, with ideal volume (not poofy not 'oily') while the skin below gets an extra dose of juicy hydration.


As will all FLUX products: just use a small amount at first, work the oil through hair, massaging into face -  and go back for more if needed. 

Whisker Juice - Beard Oil