If you are looking for a serious vitamin infusion, this is your 'everything' set. 


$5 off the perfect way to start or stay on your FLUX Skincare and life skincare journey. Separately $80 will get all of them for you, order the kit, and get  and get all of it for $75. Already know you <3 the FLUX? Order 3 months of the kit and cross "Order FLUX" off of your to-do list for a while; or gift a kit! 


1. Cleanser is a clear gel, very gently non-drying ~ while removing make-up with ease!  I. ADORE. this. cleanser. It isn't overbearing and actually it softens my skin!

2. SCRUB - DMAE & MSM Cream with jojoba beads. It reportedly "...makes my skin feel like baby butts", said one of our fans~ 

Has MSM & DMAE. We heart those. 

3. Serum - a vitamin-packed dream! Our Rose Serum penetrates deeply into the lowest layers of skin to start plumping from beneath.

4. Day Cream (Olive Cream) This dense and nutritive cream works wonders when skin is feeling a bit dehydrated. Its velvety feel means that it is working hard to keep the products you have on <above> IN, and the outside harmful elements of the weather, OUT. 

5. Night Cream - Truly rejuvenating and revitalizing, it's job is to basically do everything the Day Cream does, but a little lighter, fluffier and with a perfect touch of night-time vitamins for repair. 


We LOVE this kit. If you are new, START HERE <3 


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THE ALL INCLUSIVE -normal to dry skin

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Happy skin for 3 months! Great for gifting too!
$75.00every month for 3 months