Who doesn't want an extra five bucks?!


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Save $5 on our blemish-control kit over getting each piece seperately.


I'll just let you digest all that for a minute......


Now you can also subscribe for 3 months of skin-happiness deliveries!. What joy is this? If it lasts you longer than 30 days, you can always gift a set to your bestie! 


1. Cleanse - Activated Charcoal Cleanser: need we say more? 

Well if we do... it's that the charcoal sucks the toxins out of your beautiful face-area while depositing much needed minerals, antioxidants and wonderful-sauce! 

2. Toner - Grapefruit is so uplifting and refreshing any time of day! Just sprits and run for a quick dose of hydration and oil-control.

3. Replenish - with Vitamin C Serum. We alllllll know that vitamins are good for us - why not just start rubbing them on us, and see how HEALTHY we can get????? <3 


This combination of products has helped SO many of my friends with reoccurring problem areas of their skin! What's SO cool is that instead of stripping your natural oils and defenses against foriegn objects that get lodged under your skin - causing these imperfections, FLUX uses nutrients and vitamins to help your skin fight off hidden bacterias - naturally!!! We heart that Uber tons.

THE BIG MOOD KIT -trouble prone

Price Options
One-time purchase
Softer & happier skin for the win!
$33.00monthly/ 3 months