The daily grind of shaving can be enjoyable!

Instead of that 'super-foam'... made out of who knows what chemicals, try a more natural approach: it really does feel like butter on your skin, and makes your face feel smooth and hydrated afterward instead of that fires-of-hell-irritated feeling.

No need to stick your head in the freezer after this hits your skin: soothing Aloe, Papaya and Pineapple soften hairs and Jojoba, Shea and Cocoa butter leave your skin healthy, alive and baby soft.

Perfect glide, sticks to your skin without clogging your razor, who could ask for anything more?!

Just dip fingers into the tub, apply an appropriate amount over facial skin & neck for a close shave with the brightening and masculine scent combination of orange, ginger & Frankincense.

If you want to be a little fancy today, we won't tell anyone... run a small towel under warm water and lay it over your face for a while to soften hairs and open pores.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. Man-pampering.