All the moisturizing possible PLUS our Wrinkle Kung Fu Serum has that wonderful anti-wrinkle compound: Matrixyl 3000j. 


You get $5 off by ordering this kit instead of individual proudcts. Usually you won't use a whole product in 30 days - you CAN subcribe for 3-months of this kit and gift one to your bestie! This kit is great for women AND men. Help 'em out girls... don't make them steal your stuff, give him his own!  


1. Our new cleanser is 'anti-aging' too! It has so many vitamins.... it's a shame to rinse it off! But do. 

But let it sit on your skin while you do something else like let your conditioner sit in your hair, or like.... drink a glass of lemonade... whatever you want. 


2. Anti-wrinkle serum: we know that know what can reverse time; we have developed a lot of science to help us look and feel better in our skin every day, however. This vitamin-rich serum has the award-winning anti-wrinkle compoumd.... and we kind of can't live without it. 


3. Day and Night Creams are a must ontop of the first two. 

EVERY DAY: you want to 

1. Cleanse

2. Serum

3. Day or Night Cream on top. 


The last steps seal in the moisture and benefits of the first two! 


P.S. This kit is great for all skin-types. The names are just to help direct folks to the section they want!


My skin has seen some WEATHER! Kit

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