Basic kit for skin that is starting to <or has been for a while> show(ing) more signs of fine lines, deeper wrinkles and sagging. No skincare can 'cure' these issues, however 99% of our users are repeat customers for a reason. Try it out ~ :) 


Our legit anti-wrinkle compound: Matrixyl 3000, at the highest recommended dose, is located right inside two of our products. "The Essence" liquid Serum in the blue bottle and our fine-lotion serum, "Wrinkle Kung Fu". I have had so many customers message me back like, WHERE has this been all my life?! My face feels AMAZING!". And gals are getting so many compliments on their ~glow~. I love that!


This kit is $5 off from buying each separately. 


1. Our FAB cleanser - softening, mascara-removing and non-irritating!

2. Essence + Matrixyl 3000 Anti-wrinkle compound dry oil serum

3. Our famed Night Cream: it's so delicious, we put it from our forehead to throat to .....wherever you want to stop! 


Gen X Kit - Anti-wrinkle Compound

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Graceful Kit
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